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Propane Products

We offer a wide variety of propane products both in our showroom and available for quick ordering. From appliances and fireplaces to grills, smokers, and firepits, Wilford Propane is your one source for all of your propane needs.


Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters produce an unlimited supply of hot water, and only burn gas when hot water is needed. These units can be placed where your existing hot water heater is, or even hidden inside the wall. Visit Rinnai for more information, then call our office to meet with our Rinnai certified technicians who can help you decide which model is best for you.

Standard Water Heaters

A 50-gallon propane water heater will give you twice the amount of hot water than an equivalent electric water heater in 1/2 the time! Call us today to see how propane appliances can save you money.

Propane Stoves

Propane stoves provide a better cooking source than electric stoves, with no temperature fluctations or hot spots. Also, when you experience a significant power loss, your stove still functions. Call Wilford Propane Gas to upgrade your appliances.

Clothes Dryers

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane dryers dry clothes more efficiently and are less expensive to operate — about half the cost of electric dryers. The moist heat of propane dryers is less likely to burn or discolor fabrics than the heat produced by electric dryers. Call us today for more information.

Back-up Power Generators

On average, a 250-gallon propane tank fueling a seven kilowatt standby generator would provide enough electricity to power a home for five days, while a 500-gallon underground tank would provide 11 days of power. Don't be caught in the dark the next time your power goes out – contact Wilford Propane Gas today.


A new line of direct-vent gas fireplace inserts can convert a messy, inefficient wood-burning fireplace into a clean-burning, reliable heat source that also saves energy. Wilford Propane Gas has got you covered.

White Mountain Hearths combine modern technology with traditional venting to create the appearance and performance of a conventional fireplace, but with the convenience of gas. Come see our display models at our Orange Park location.

The Breckenridge line of propane fireplaces is nothing short of true elegance. Come see the display models at Wilford Propane Gas, or contact us for additional information.

White Moutain Hearths stoves are traditionally styled stoves containing a strikingly detailed ceramic fiber gas log set. The result is an attractive, efficient heater that lends elegance to any decor. contact Wilford Propane Gas today or come visit us for more information.

Fireplaces can be transformed into a work of art. Specially formulated tempered glass is poured over a gas burner in your fireplace. Simply flip a switch and enjoy your new centerpiece! Enjoy your fireplace but hate the hassle of real wood? Replace your logs with a White Mountain Hearths propane log set. These realistic and practical applications provide safety features to protect your family, along with the look and feel of a real wood fireplace. contact Wilford Propane Gas or come visit us for more information.


The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is the most unique barbecue product on the market, with unmatched flexibility and capabilities that surpass all other conventional cookers combined. It is a smoker, a grill, and an oven. You can cook literally any food on it year around, from appetizers to entrees to desserts. contact Wilford Propane Gas or come visit us for more information.


Traeger Wood Pellet Grills are some the finest grills in the world. From the Lil Tex to the built-in models, Traeger has you covered. Traeger Commercial Grills - Two independently operating units let you manage separate food items simultaneously, or use only the space you need. This is the most versatile barbecue trailer in the world!


Outdoor Kitchens

According to Kiplinger, a trusted source for personal finance, an outdoor kitchen can appreciate the value of your home typically between $15,000 to $100,000. Kiplinger recommends getting a professional involved to properly locate your outdoor kitchen so you can get the most out of it and your money. Creative Design Space offers a full range of outdoor kitchens sure to exceed your expectations. Wilford Propane Gas will make sure that your propane needs are covered by working with Creative Design Space throughout the process.

Fire-Pits and Chimineas

The outdoor Chimenea features the unique combination of a rugged grape-leaf design, cast aluminum body and cast iron burner with realistic gas logs. The safety screen and removable lid keep leaves and debris from collecting inside, so the fire is ready to start at a moment's notice. It also features a Piezo igniter and a manual control to adjust the flame height from low (27,000 BTU/LP), to high (32,000 BTU/LP).

Pool and Spa Heaters

Propane offers the perfect energy source for your pool or spa heater. Simply put, propane is cheaper and more efficient than electric.

Showroom and Filling Station

Wilford Propane has a full service filling and repair station located at their store in Orange Park. The fill station offers on site filling of all portable cylinders, RV’s and commercial vehicles. Everything is weighed and checked prior to filling to ensure your tank is in date, safe and filled to capacity. Only pay for what we pump! Cylinders are required to be recertified 12 years after manufacture date and Wilford’s offers this service for all size cylinders, as well as valve replacement and any other cylinder repairs you may need.

Shopping for a new fireplace insert? How about a new grill or BBQ accessory? Wilford Propane has a beautiful showroom that offers its customers a hands on demonstration of all their gas products. Learn about the different types of fireplace burners offered and choose the one you want from many of the burning displays in the store!

Wilford Propane carries several brands of top-of-the-line grills. Big Green Egg, Traeger, Broilmaster and Blaze to name a few. With years of BBQ experience, the employees at Wilford’s can help you find the perfect grill, smoker or BBQ combo that is just right for you. Stop in today and take advantage of the savings you get when you shop locally!




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