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  How do I become a Wilford Propane customer?
It’s simple- just pick up the phone and call 904.264.2311, we take care of the rest!

What if I already have gas with another company?
Propane Gas is a public utility, just like your phone company. If you’re paying too much or just simply unhappy with their service, you can change companies! If you have a tank buried in your yard, Wilford Propane works with your current company to “swap” the tank. The tank never leaves your yard. Your landscaping is safe! If you have an above ground tank, we simply set our tank where your current tank is and they come and pick up theirs.

I don’t have a fireplace in my home at all, but want one! How do I get one without renovating my entire living room?
We have the perfect solution: a vent free fireplace with an enclosed mantel assembly. This unit simply slides up against your wall, and within a few hours of installation you are enjoying your new remote controlled gas fireplace.

I have a wood burning fireplace and want a set of gas logs.
Whether your home already has gas or not, you come into our office and choose the set of logs you want. We set you up for installation, and sooner than later you’re enjoying your hassle free fireplace to it’s fullest.

How easy is it to upgrade my electric water heater, stove, dryer or other appliance to gas?
Wilford Propane offers free estimates. Whether you are looking for a new gas range, your dryer has bit the dust, or you are simply looking to enjoy the many benefits of gas appliances, we would be happy to walk you through it step by step. Call today for your free in-home estimate.

What is so special about the Rinnai water heater and why do I need one?
The first fact you need to know is that a standard gas water heater heats TWICE as much hot water than an electric water heater of the same size in HALF the time. When you get into a Rinnai or other gas instant hot water, you are only using gas to heat the water you use. No more heating 50 gallons of hot water, all day long, every day, even if your not home! It’s simple. Turn the water on, the water heater burner turns on to heat water; turn water off…the burner shuts off! This is not the only benefit to this type of water heater. You never run out of hot water! For as long as your teenagers can stand there, they will always have hot water! Call today to get your free estimate and personal evaluation by our Rinnai certified technicians.

What are some of the other services Wilford Propane offers and how does WPG compare to other companies?
Wilford Propane is dedicated to great customer service. We are a family owned company in business for more than 50 years. We live in this town, right with all of our valued customers. We take great pride in being able to service you not only better, but cheaper also. I assure you, you will not be let down. Wilford Propane has a 24-hour dedicated on-call emergency service available to all of our customers. A full sales and service department more than qualified to service all your gas needs. Our main office in Orange Park also offers a variety of “in house” repairs. If it runs on propane, we can fix it! We have a variety of camping equipment, grilling equipment and much more. Come see us today!

I have a small propane tank and need it filled, can Wilford Propane help?
Absolutely! Wilford Propane offers our community a safe, reliable and accurate way to fill your portable tanks. Both of our offices have full service fill stations. We can fill everything from your 20# grill tank to your R.V. We assure the community that all of our technicians have passed the state required tests to fill tanks, and are weighing each and every tank for 100% accuracy.

What does Wilford Propane have to offer for Outdoor Living?
Wilford Propane can help you customize your own personal outdoor living space. Everything from a standard BBQ grill to an entire built-in custom kitchen. There are endless options to add from here: fire pits, torches, outdoor fireplaces and now carrying FIRE ON ICE. Come by today to see our displays.

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